Wedding on the sea

A wonderfully different experience at sea

Langeland is like a rose branch surrounded by the sea. What is more obvious than to be married to one of two newly renovated sailing boats Meta and Mjølner. You can also celebrate the entire wedding on one of the boats. The boat crew can act as the official witnesses.

After the wedding ceremony skipper Peter Lenskjold takes you on a sailing tour of the Sydfynsk sea. This can for example be a tour to Ærø, or a tour around Tåsinge with a stop at Valdemar's Castle, Svendborg, Skarø, Drejø and Strynø.

Along the way you can have a picnic on one of the small islands that lie like pearls on a string around Langeland. Both ships have been completely renovated and received their traditional appearance back.

A delightfully different, healthy and refreshing experience at sea.


  Meta Mjølner
3 hours 829,- € 789,- €
4 hours 959,- € 919,- €
5 hours 1.079,- € 1.029,- €
6 hours 1.199,- € 1.129,- €
7 hours 1.339,- € 1.259,- €
8 hours 1.469,- € 1.389,- €
9 hours 1.689,- €

Both ships are approved for 20 passengers by the Danish Maritime Authority.

Homeport: Rudkøbing   Accomodation: Meta 8 persons
Buffet: 20 persons     Mjølner 4 persons
Table setting: 10 persons   Facilities: One bathroom

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