Culture Church

Civil wedding in the Church of Lohals

Most civil weddings take place in boring municipal offices. Instead of this, you can now get married in Denmark's first and only civil Church. The Culture Church in Lohals, Langeland.

Here you can celebrate you dream wedding, and spend the wedding night - or even several days in the area that inpired Adam Oehlenschläger to write the Danish national anthem "Der er et yndigt land".

The wedding in the church can take place in a small or large scale. The church can accommodate up to 96 visitors.

If you opt for a civil ceremony in the Culture Church, it will become a part of your personal history. A beautiful and unique experience that you can design just the way you want it. You choose the music according to taste, to decide whether you want to hold a speech or have someone of your friends or family hold it. You determine what there is to eat and drink. You write the script for your dream-wedding and Jens Christian Christiansen helps set it into action.

  • You can come to the Culture Church in hiking boots and backpack, on a tandem, in a white Rolls Royce or on horseback. Just as you wish.
  • You can bring your own music, whether it's pop, rock, top 10 or jazz. On CD, on a USB drive or your iPhone.
  • You decide who holds speeches at your wedding.
  • You can be served champagne and canapés, or any other foods and drinks that you wish for your wedding.
  • You can in short have exactly the wedding you want and make this day something very special and memorable.

The Culture Church has its own website,, here you can learn more about the wedding in the church. Further questions can be directed at Jens Christian Christiansen. Tel.: (+45) 62 57 22 50 or Mobie (+45) 41 61 34 06.

Rent the Culture Church for the wedding ceremony for € 549, - per couple, including flowers.

If you provide two witnesses, no additional costs apply.