Traumhochzeit in der dänischen Südsee

Dream Wedding at the danish sea

For years we spend our vacation on the beautiful island of Langeland.

On a walk along the cliffs of Klint Ristinge we found a very large rock and decided to get married on that exact spot. A rock is imperishable - just like our marriage should be.

Jens Cristian held an unforgettable wedding ceremony - just for us and our closest friends.

The following celebration in our holiday cottage was tailor-made for us. Everything was prepared perfectly so all we had to do was celebrate.

This was our dream wedding!

Thank you so much for this wonderful day.

Every time we are on Langeland, we visit our wedding rock.
The rock which united our hearts and reminds us of our dream wedding.

Heidi & Berni from Paderborn, Germany