Get married in nature!

  • Do you dream of a romantic wedding?
  • Are you looking for the right place for your upcoming wedding?
  • Don't you have a good idea or the time to plan your wedding?

About me

My name is Jens Christian Christiansen.
I am 55 years old, local polician and live on Langeland.

I have had the opportunity to conduct civil marriage ceremonies as local a politician on Langeland for many years. Therefor I know how to arrange this ceremony in a way suited to each couple.

I have seen couples who made their wedding a very special day and others that made it as simple as possible and still others who have not really arranged anything and were afterwards annoyed about it. I offer to arrange something really special for your wedding - a complete concept where the entire wedding is planned and prepared so that you as the protagonists only have to concentrate on getting the best out of your big day.

Tell me about your wishes for your wedding here on Langeland - away from everydays stress and problems, so I come with a proposal for a complete wedding - a memorable experience that only someone with local knowledge can provide...

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