wedding ceremeoy


The ceremony itself will usually take place in Langeland municipality's City Hall in the old market town Rudkøbing. You can book time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Therefore you will easily be able to get married on a weekend from Friday to Sunday and enjoy a romantic wedding with candelelight dinner and make your wedding a memorable experience.

Alternatively, you can also get married somewhere else on the island. This might be near the wild horses on Gulstav, a rock by the sea on Ristinge Hale, under a beech tree at Stengard Beach or the banquet hall at Broløkke Manor which offers the possibility for a big celebration and overnight stay for your guests.

If you want to have a wedding ceremony outside the town hall you have to bring 2 witnesses.

Keep in mind that the weather plays a big role in these outdoor events.

Therefore we have to provide a plan "B". In this case the ceremony takes place at Langeland municipality's City Hall.